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New views of the Gettysburg map

I am currently working on an editor for Sid Meier's Gettysburg.  This editor will be able to edit the SMG map, create new maps, and create scenarios as well.  The map display part of this program is mostly done, and some of the results are shown on this page.  The scenario display function is quite far along, and it is my intention to be able to edit existing scenarios as well as to create new ones.

Click on the thumbnail pictures on this page to see the entire picture.  Feel free to save the full map pictures to use as you wish.  The full map pictures are the same size as the overview map in the game (the one you see when you press the F1 key).  Eventually the map editor will produce the gmapa.pcx and gmapb.pcx files to replace the ones in the game.  Unfortunately, this won't make the F1 map more accurate because SMG does not scale the map accurately in this view.

A better use for this map is in scenario creation, where it will allow you to precicely position your units.  The contour version of the map will also allow you to determine important high ground positions a lot more easily.

Please note that it is not my intent to create a stand-alone game.  This will just be a full-featured editor for Sid Meier's Gettysburg.

The GMapEdit program allows you to switch between the pictorial view and the contour view, and choose what types of terrain to display.  It can also display scenario information overlaid on the map.

If you haven't seen them yet, check out the views of the full SMG map here.

The following are the newest pictures, screen shots actually, from the GMapEdit program.  Click on the thumbnails on this page to see the entire 640x480 screen shot.

This is the northwest corner of the map where the fighting began between Buford and Heth.  This view shows contour lines and labels, and is zoomed in a bit.

Northwest corner of map
Click to see the full picture  (58 kbytes).

The following two pictures show the preliminary scenario display function. This is still subject to change, so if you have any suggestions, now is the time to make them. Send comments to my email address on the bottom of the first page of the web site.

This is a zoomed in view of the High Water Mark: Pickett's Charge scenario, showing labels and starting locations of some of the troops and commanders. This is the raw information from the scenario file showing formations and numbers of regiments per brigade, but with no attempt to decode alternate starting locations.

Pickett's charge closeup
Click to see the full picture  (103 kbytes).

This is an overview of the High Water Mark:  Pickett's Charge scenario, showing the starting location of all the troops and commanders.

Pickett's charge overview
Click to see the full picture  (161 kbytes).

Added on 04/17/99

Another overview of the High Water Mark:  Pickett's Charge scenario, showing some of the new display functions of the GMapEdit program.  The full picture shows regimental flags, frozen units with black borders, and a new artillery graphic.  The artillery currently looks pretty awful if not facing a compass point exactly;  I will correct this in the future. 

Some things are not obvious in this screen shot.  Only the units from a single variant and difficulty are displayed, dual placement units are displayed in a darker color, and brigade placement has been corrected slightly.

The GMapEdit program allows you to select a unit by clicking on it, and currently identifies the unit, whether brigade, independent regiment, artillery battery, or commander.  If more than one unit is in the same location, subsequent clicks will select each unit in turn.

Pickett's charge overview
Click to see the full picture  (76 kbytes).

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