Sid Meier's Gettysburg & Antietam - Tree Graphics

In trees.pcx there are 8 boxed items. 2 are labeled Leafy, 2 Orchard, 2 Pine, 1 Farm & 1 Town. The Farm and Town labels are misleading.

Using Paul Sharp's Map Editor for SMG, each square represents 4 grids on the SMG battlefield. Putting a leafy wood in a square displays 2 tree graphics from Leafy types plus 1 graphic from either Farm or Town in the 4 grid area. Similarly for Pines. Whether it is a Farm or Town graphic added can vary with the angle of observation of the square. This extra graphic is not easily noticeable in standard SMG as the graphics in Farm and Town are just some leaf litter, but if you put tree graphics in these boxes in trees.pcx, a denser wood is produced in SMG.
In SMA each letter code in Terrain.txt represents 4 grids on the SMA battlefield. The Pines option is not available.
With the preference for sparse trees and small houses selected, only one graphic of either Leafy or Pine is used for woods (no Farm or Town).

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